Anti von Klewitz & Csókolom

New gypsy songs

from an

old country

Violinist and singer Anti von Klewitz is one of the few musicians who made the hidden treasures of less known Eastern-European gypsy music accessible for a wide audience, her version of the gypsy traditional ’Amari Szi, Amari’, has been covered by many musicians around the world.


From her childhood days in Croatia onwards she has been immersed in the sounds of the Balcans, thus naturally returning to her musical roots after a classical education, some jazz training and lots of cruising throgh various styles.  She has since been playing mainly folk and gypsy music from Hungary and the Balcans for dancers and listening audiences alike, as well as in fusion projects.


Around the turn of the century she was discovered by the famous US-Label Arhoolie, and received worldwide acclaim for her original musical approach with her band Csókolom. She toured Australia several times, also with local musicians, and returns there on a regular basis.


She he has performed at festivals from Poland to Pakistan, from Memphis to Melbourne. She performs at concert venues in duo, trio and quartet settings.